A list of the land and fresh-water Mollusca of the Malay peninsula with notes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1928
Authors:F. F. Laidlaw
Journal:Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic society
Start Page:25
Taxonomic name: 
Diplommatina laidlawi Sykes, 1903 (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina diminuta von Moellendorff, 1891 (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina crosseana crosseana Godwin-Austen & Nevill, 1879 (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina canaliculata von Moellendorff, 1886 (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina nevilli (Crosse, 1879) (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina skeati Sykes, 1903 (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina superba superba Godwin-Austen & Nevill, 1879 (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina ventriculus von Moellendorff, 1891 (Taxon Pages), Schistoloma anostoma (Benson, 1852) (Taxon Pages), Rhaphaulus lorraini (Pfeiffer, 1856) (Taxon Pages), Opisthoporus rostellatus (Pfeiffer, 1851) (Taxon Pages), Leptopoma perlucidum (Grateloup, 1840) (Taxon Pages), Lagochilus garelli (Eydoux & Souleyet, 1852) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus semisulcatus (Sowerby, 1843) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus perdix tuba (Sowerby, 1842) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus perdix aquila (Sowerby, 1843) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus malayanus (Benson, 1852) (Taxon Pages), Pupina tchehelensis de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Pupina lowi de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Pupina aureola Stoliczka, 1872 (Taxon Pages), Pupina artata Benson, 1856 (Taxon Pages), Schistoloma sumatranum (Dohrn, 1881) (Taxon Pages), Pollicaria elephas (de Morgan, 1885) (Taxon Pages), Rhiostoma jousseaumei de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Platyraphe lowi lowi (de Morgan, 1885) (Taxon Pages), Opisthoporus penangensis Stoliczka, 1872 (Taxon Pages), Leptopoma aspirans Benson, 1856 (Taxon Pages), Lagochilus trochoides Stoliczka, 1872 (Taxon Pages), Lagochilus townsendi Crosse, 1879 (Taxon Pages), Lagochilus swettenhami de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Lagochilus striolata Stoliczka, 1872 (Taxon Pages), Cyclotus solutus solutus (Stoliczka, 1872) (Taxon Pages), Cyclotus lindstedti (Pfeiffer, 1856) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus expansus (Pfeiffer, 1851) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus cantori (Benson, 1851) (Taxon Pages), Crossopoma albersi (Pfeiffer, 1847) (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus jousseaumei de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus thieroti de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus perakensis perakensis Crosse, 1879 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus kapayanensis de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus gibbosulus Stoliczka, 1872 (Taxon Pages), Pupina arula perakensis von Moellendorff, 1891 (Taxon Pages), Schistoloma sectilabrum (Gould, 1843) (Taxon Pages), Rhaphaulus perakensis perakensis Smith, 1898 (Taxon Pages), Rhiostoma jalorense Sykes, 1903 (Taxon Pages), Cyclotus tener (Menke, 1856) (Taxon Pages), Cyclotus setosus (von Moellendorff, 1894) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus perdix perdix (Broderip & Sowerby, 1830) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus aurantiacus (Schumacher, 1786) (Taxon Pages), Chamalycaeus parvulus (von Moellendorff, 1886) (Taxon Pages), Chamalycaeus oligopleuris (von Moellendorff, 1886) (Taxon Pages), Chamalycaeus microdiscus (von Moellendorff, 1886) (Taxon Pages), Chamalycaeus microconus (von Moellendorff, 1886) (Taxon Pages), Chamalycaeus diplochilus (von Moellendorff, 1886) (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus jagori von Martens, 1860 (Taxon Pages), Georissa monterosatiana Godwin Austen & Nevill, 1879 (Taxon Pages), Cyclotus solutus subsolutus von Moellendorff, 1902 (Taxon Pages), Pupina excisa von Moellendorff, 1902 (Taxon Pages), Rhiostoma housei (Haines, 1855) (Taxon Pages), Pterocyclus subulatus Sykes, 1903 (Taxon Pages), Platyraphe lowi chrysalis Sykes, 1902 (Taxon Pages), Opisthoporus dautzenbergi Sykes, 1902 (Taxon Pages), Opisthoporus bialatus (von Moellendorff, 1902) (Taxon Pages), Lagochilus rollei von Moellendorff, 1902 (Taxon Pages), Lagochilus kobelti Sykes, 1903 (Taxon Pages), Ditropopsis cavernae (Sykes, 1903) (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus liratulus (Preston, 1907) (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus kelantanensis Sykes, 1902 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus conformis Fulton, 1902 (Taxon Pages)
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