A brief collecting trip to Perak, West Malaysia. part one.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:S. Y. Chan
Journal:The Papustyla
Start Page:4
Taxonomic name: 
Diplommatina ventriculus von Moellendorff, 1891 (Taxon Pages), Hemiplecta cymatium (Pfeiffer, 1856) (Taxon Pages), Videna timorensis (von Martens, 1867) (Taxon Pages), Quantula striata (Gray, 1834) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus semisulcatus (Sowerby, 1843) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus malayanus (Benson, 1852) (Taxon Pages), Chloritis penangensis (Stoliczka, 1873) (Taxon Pages), Bradybaena similaris (Férussac, 1821) (Taxon Pages), Microcystis hatchongi (Morgan, 1885) (Taxon Pages), Videna castra (Benson, 1852) (Taxon Pages), Pseudoplecta bijuga bijuga (Stoliczka, 1873) (Taxon Pages), Ariophanta lahatensis de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Phaedusa filicostata kapayanensis (de Morgan, 1885) (Taxon Pages), Paropeas tchehelense (de Morgan, 1885) (Taxon Pages), Pupina aureola Stoliczka, 1872 (Taxon Pages), Schistoloma sumatranum (Dohrn, 1881) (Taxon Pages), Rhiostoma jousseaumei de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Platyraphe lowi lowi (de Morgan, 1885) (Taxon Pages), Opisthoporus penangensis Stoliczka, 1872 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus jousseaumei de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus perakensis perakensis Crosse, 1879 (Taxon Pages), Trachia wrayi de Morgan, 1885 (Taxon Pages), Discartemon plussensis (de Morgan, 1885) (Taxon Pages), Gyliotrachela hungerfordiana (von Moellendorff, 1891) (Taxon Pages), Georissa monterosatiana Godwin Austen & Nevill, 1879 (Taxon Pages), Pupina excisa von Moellendorff, 1902 (Taxon Pages), Liardetia doliolum (Pfeiffer, 1846) (Taxon Pages), Subulina octona (Bruguiere, 1789) (Taxon Pages), Sarika resplendens (Philippi, 1846) (Taxon Pages), Liardetia angigyra (von Moellendorff, 1897) (Taxon Pages), Allopeas clavulinum (Potiez & Michaud, 1838) (Taxon Pages), Amphidromus atricallosus perakensis (Fulton, 1901) (Taxon Pages), Cyclotropis scalaris (Heude, 1882) (Taxon Pages), Paraboysidia kelantanensis tenuidentata van Benthem Jutting, 1950 (Taxon Pages), Discartemon leptoglyphus van Benthem Jutting, 1954 (Taxon Pages)
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